Music Fest Canada is an online magazine specifically for Canadian musicians and the entire sector that support them. The magazine was established to serve the entire readership by providing informative, entertaining, exciting, and insightful information. We post varying content from top-notch Canadian artists’ profile details and their career-building tips based on the most recent interviews.

 The updated content includes gear, tech, and trends, to assist the readers and fans looking to advance their careers. Our objective is to offer detailed and informative content through posting updates and news twice a month. We have a robust social media presence that provides monthly online newsletters for regular music updates and produces them weekly via the radio podcast.

 Music events that occur across Canada and its environs are professionally posted on our website. We work hard to accommodate every community via integrated music and video premieres, sweepstakes, surveys, and many more. Our main objective is to enhance a better conversation via diverse communication channels and coverage. Any feedback about our magazine or our internet sources is welcomed.