Author: Greg Millich


Spesh K Latest Single

Rapper Spesh K is among the top artists who have made considerable contributions to music websites. He has now returned with the most recent single recently released and posted on the platform later. The new single “That’s Fax” is the initial singles of the rapper and singer Spesh K’s next EP and Rayne Drip, which they anticipate will be released this year.
The single is special since the artist dropped it in the last twenty decades. In addition to the new single, Spesh K has released a record that featured DJ Slam and Royal T Pompey, known as “Like …


Billboard Female Artists

Canadian Jessie Reyez is among the top-notch stars featured in tonight’s Billboard broadcast. The 15th annual music event is sponsored by the Honda and American Express. You will need to stream live at 8 p.m. ET to catch up with the entire event at the comfort of your home. Together with Reyez, the online event is meant to celebrate and honor other top female artists in Canada.
Teyana Taylor is our primary host celebrating the 30th birthday today. Female artists such as Miley Cyrus, Bernie Sanders, Maluma, and Lilly Singh are featured. The American Express …


LJ Mandrazo Album

There are most recent releases and recordings by the LJ collaborating with Mandrazo, an Italian producer. Ottawa has recently collaborated with the LJ and Mandrazo, an electronic and Italian producer, to release new singles called the “Rocks on My Chain.” The singles are ranked second in an album of 2021, along with “Payroll” and Mandia.
The collaboration is also the third release from 2020 known as “Live It Up” and Duava. These latest songs have been posted on other online streaming platforms, and you can view them any time. Besides, the songs are …


Vancouver Artist Dkay Single

Artist Dkayi has recently released his new singles called the “Pull Up.” The new song drew the attention of the rappers, especially the Vancouver-based rapper who is popularly known to provide new deals with a unique record label. The single is recorded based out of LA, but the artist declined to give out diverse reasons.
Artist Dkay is still finding his tone and is at liberty to provide his real vision and mission. Currently, the artist produces his music, where his sound controls 95% of it. 
Dkay said in the …

The Ideal of Midwest Hype Single

Fans know Ideal as the man behind the Midwest Hype band who celebrated four out of twenty songs released recently. Pooney produced the latest solo singles.
They released singles “Natural Man,” which is now streamed live on diverse online platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. The new single produced is likened with water with a tongue-twisting style of rap. Ideal talks about the human race, and each person has to go through life issues which start from dealing with police, poverty, and the prison system.

Paul Hernandez Singles

Paul Hernandez has a new year’s release, “94′ Altima,” released on January 1. The song cracked over twenty thousand live streams via the Spotify platform. Lately, the focus has changed, and the Vancouver artist and producer have adopted a new focus on the new singles “Living for Me.”
The song was explicitly released on March 26, attracting more and more digital viewers. This is because the song can be streamed live on online platforms. The themes of faith are emphasized in the song. Here, the artist urges the fans to live one day …

Nicki Minaj Latest Song

The most recent mixtape released by Nicki Minaj put her at the top in 2009. The Beam Me Up Scotty is the recent version that can be streamed live. The artist celebrates the twelfth anniversary with the most recent version, which featured Lil Wayne, Drake, and Chicago’s own G Herbo.
The “Seeing Green” is a recent project which started with the Kid Master Piece and GOVI. Besides, the song features Nicki’s fellow money superstars, Drake, and Lil Wayne. The collaboration has attracted many fans from Paris and across the globe.

Kodak Black Song

Kodak Black has been on the frontline in ensuring his upcoming projects outshine others. After being summoned by Trump, Kodak Black fans are eagerly expecting to get something new regularly.
The Florida rapper has recently released a sophomore EP, that is Haitian Boy Kodak, which has an artwork and title that promotes Haitian heritage. The Haitian boy Kodak is the first well-known EP which dropped a new song in 2017. The initial project has since then being promoted across the entire globe.
In most instances, the …

Melanie Durrant Latest Song

Melanie Durrant, the top-notch Canadian artist, has recently dropped the third album, Where I’m At. The album is relatively new, and it follows the most recent single, “Listen,” and the video which accompanied the song followed instantly. The release of “Listen” and dropping it on her album attracted more fans locally and globally.
These releases led to the popularity of Ms. Durrant, receiving tremendous support from both American and Canadian talent. The release of new songs attracted music producers such as Glenn Lewis, Jill Scott, Tanya Mullings, and…

Ottawa’s Night Lovell Album

Ottawa rap icon is back with the more advanced release. The release is the fourth album which offers the most recent studio album, “Just Say You Don’t Care.” The new album comes after releasing the two singles earlier this year, namely “Counting down the List” and “Bottom Top.”
Lovell has played a massive role in changing the entire music industry. He also dropped a fresh Electric Dreamstate powered on YouTube for “I Know Your Ways. The song is the leading among the many songs produced and posted via the Spotify playlist. The songs are still fresh…