Music Festivals and Conferences

Canadian music conferences and festivals are a source of fun for Canadian artists and DJs. If you are looking forward to growing your music career, the conference and festivals are the best platforms to help you learn and share the content concerning the music and performances.

The annual conferences and festivals held annually are the best platform to help artists and DJs showcase their talents. It is also an excellent way to improve your skills and expertise as an artist. Besides, upcoming artists get an opportunity to network and interact with peers to further spread brand awareness

Boots and Hearts Music Festival

It is the biggest festival in Canada and is held every year. It is ranked the second largest festival in North America after CMA Music Festival. Upcoming artists are accommodated here and get to showcase their talents via multiple stages for four days.

The festivals were established in 2012 and have become widely known across Canada and the neighboring countries. Here, the winning artist and DJs get to be awarded accordingly. To get in touch with the upcoming festival, browse via the festival website to stay informed. 

BreakOut West Festivals

This is a four-day conference; for three nights, the artists get to showcase their talents. The western Canadian Music Awards are then awarded to the winning artist. These festivals are primary events, with the host being the Western Canadian Music Alliance.

The alliance is created to support the music sector in different regions in Western Canadian regions. The event and the three nights vary yearly. The festivals have played a massive role in promoting the upcoming artists in the western parts.

Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival

The Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival is celebrated annually. Recently, the festival had its 20th anniversary and much anticipation about the festivals came up. The festivals are family-friendly since they are held mostly during weekends. 

The family members and the kids get a chance to dance at the evening parties at their high-energy tunes. Here, the food treats are also excellent. If you love dancing, ensure you do not miss the next Burnaby Blues and Roots Festivals.