How to Get Updated on the Latest Canadian Music via Instagram

Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through various platforms to catch the latest tunes and news from our vibrant Canadian music scene? Well, guess what? Your Instagram account is about to become your one-stop shop for all things music in the Great White North. Plus, with the option to buy Instagram followers, you can boost your visibility and reach even more music enthusiasts.

Let’s dive into how you can turn your Insta feed into a treasure trove of Canadian melodies!

Follow the Right Accounts

It all starts with who you follow.

The beauty of Instagram is that almost every artist, from indie newcomers to chart-topping stars, has an account. Start by following your favorite Canadian artists. Not only will you get updates about their new releases, but you’ll also enjoy a peek into their lives and creative processes.

Don’t forget to follow record labels, music bloggers, and local venues for a broader perspective on the scene.

And here’s a tip: Look at the accounts your favorite artists are following. Chances are, they’re tuned into some fantastic emerging talent that you haven’t discovered yet.

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Leverage Instagram Stories and Live Sessions

Instagram Stories and Live sessions are goldmines for exclusive content. Artists often share snippets of upcoming tracks, behind-the-scenes footage, and even impromptu live performances. Keep an eye out for scheduled live sessions – these are often opportunities to see artists perform live, have Q&A sessions, and sometimes even announce surprise news!

Explore Hashtags

Hashtags are your friends. They can lead you to a community of fans and a wealth of information you might not find otherwise. Try tags like #CanadianMusic, #CanadianArtists, or more specific ones like #TorontoHipHop or #VancouverIndie.

This way, you’re not just getting updates from the artists themselves but from a community of fans and industry insiders.

Engage with Content

Don’t just be a passive follower; engage with the content. Like, comment, and share posts you enjoy. This does two things: it supports the artists and it tailors your Instagram algorithm to show you more relevant content. The more you interact with Canadian music content, the more Instagram will show it to you.

Use the ‘Save’ Feature

When you come across an announcement or a post you want to revisit (like tour dates or album release info), use Instagram’s ‘Save’ feature.

This way, you can easily go back to it without having to scroll endlessly to find it again.

Join the Instagram Music Community

Being a part of the Instagram music community means more than just following accounts. Engage in conversations, share your thoughts on new releases, and even post your own content related to Canadian music. Remember, it’s a community, and your voice adds value to it.

Keep Tabs on Instagram Followers

Here’s a nifty trick: keep an eye on the number of Instagram followers your favorite artists have. A sudden spike in their follower count can sometimes indicate that they’ve dropped a hit song or are involved in a buzzworthy project.

It’s a subtle way to gauge what’s trending in the Canadian music scene.

Utilize Instagram’s Discover Feature

Instagram’s Discover page can be a great way to find new music. Based on your likes and follows, Instagram curates a page that can introduce you to artists and music communities you might love but haven’t yet discovered.

Don’t Forget About Music Festivals and Awards

Follow major Canadian music festivals and award shows. These accounts are fantastic resources for discovering a wide array of artists and staying updated on important events in the Canadian music industry.

Stay Updated with Music News Accounts

Finally, follow accounts dedicated to music news. They often post about new releases, upcoming artists, and industry trends. This can complement the direct updates you get from artists’ accounts.


So there you have it, folks! Using Instagram to stay updated on the latest in Canadian music is not just easy; it’s a lot of fun. It’s all about following the right accounts, engaging with the content, and being an active member of the community.

Whether you’re into the dreamy tones of indie pop or the hard-hitting beats of Canadian hip-hop, your Instagram feed is ready to become your personalized music hub. Happy scrolling, and don’t forget to share your new finds with the rest of us!

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