Melanie Durrant Latest Song

Melanie Durrant, the top-notch Canadian artist, has recently dropped the third album, Where I’m At. The album is relatively new, and it follows the most recent single, “Listen,” and the video which accompanied the song followed instantly. The release of “Listen” and dropping it on her album attracted more fans locally and globally.

These releases led to the popularity of Ms. Durrant, receiving tremendous support from both American and Canadian talent. The release of new songs attracted music producers such as Glenn Lewis, Jill Scott, Tanya Mullings, and Dru Grange. 

“Where I’m At” is termed a vintage album that contains 90s R&B, souk music, Latin sounds, and reggae. Every track released by the artist typically has a powerful message to pass on to the entire fanbase. The personal experiences and feelings easily win the heart of the fans through the track released. Here, different producers get an opportunity of growing their talents and becoming noticed both nationally and internationally.

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