Paul Hernandez Singles

Paul Hernandez has a new year’s release, “94′ Altima,” released on January 1. The song cracked over twenty thousand live streams via the Spotify platform. Lately, the focus has changed, and the Vancouver artist and producer have adopted a new focus on the new singles “Living for Me.”

The song was explicitly released on March 26, attracting more and more digital viewers. This is because the song can be streamed live on online platforms. The themes of faith are emphasized in the song. Here, the artist urges the fans to live one day at a time, appreciating all the blessings that come their way.

The song also encourages individuals to live every moment while enjoying everything the Lord has given them—to live a personal life. The song talks about loving God and your neighbor, sharing what you have with your friends, and living a positive life.

The two recent releases, “94′ Altima” and “Living for Me,” come with other new visual aids that the artists had planned the new eve. The single has played a massive role in helping individuals discover healing, purpose, and hope.


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